301 Oxford Valley Road, Suite 1803 (second floor) Yardley, Pennsylvania 19067, United States


Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist

Services Offered

Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT)


This is an evideneed based treatment offered to children and adolescents who had experienced a trauma.  

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Prolonged Exposure (PE)


This is an evidenced based treatment that is offered to an adolescent and/or adult survivor of a trauma.

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Psychological Testing


Psychological evaluations are conducted to determine diagnoses, recommendations, and type of treatment. Types of psychological evaluations offered:

1. Comprehensive biopsychosocial evaluations

2. Psychosexual evaluations (for children and youth with sexualized behaviors)

3. Family court evaluations

4. IQ testing  

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Individual Therapy


  • Treatment is also offered to individuals struggling with problems such as anxiety, depression, work stress, family stress, interpersonal problems, children with sexualized behaviors, etc.

Bilingual services


I am native Polish and provide services to Polish speaking individuals. 

Parent Training


Parent training is offered to parents of dysregulated/defiant children as well as children diagnosed with ADHD. This program offers parents training in child  behavior management skills